Glen Allison

I’ve workglened with Aileen as a leadership coach periodically over a number of years. As a leadership coach, she has been an excellent ‘thinking partner’. I see things more clearly, get new perspectives and I feel I consider more options through our coaching sessions. The result is better decisions, and reduced stress. Aileen’s combination of insight and practicality are key strengths in achieving these results. Everyone can use some coaching now and then. I’d recommend Aileen to anyone looking for a professional, knowledgeable and effective coach.





Jennifer Kalvaitis

I met Ailjennifer keen about 8 years ago through her work as Principal Coach and Facilitator/Owner of Mustang Positive Professional Development. I was privileged to be a participant in a workshop led by Aileen and found her to be highly professional and very effective as a facilitator and business coach. I observed Aileen’s unique ability to identify and capitalize on opportunities that evoke tremendous growth for her participants/clients, while keeping grounded in practical results and applications for both the individual participants and their organizations. This is a rare combination, and one that I believe sets Aileen apart.





Quotes and Results from Workshop Participants and Clients

“I think this has changed my life!”

“That was the best coaching I’ve had.”

A Human Resources leader  changed the way she approached her internal clients and six months later was getting consistently better results.

“I’m going to change the way I manage.”  (And she did.  I worked with her in a corporate role years later.)