Presentation Skills Coaching

I know public speaking is a major fear in most people.  Up there with spiders and heights.  But I love it.  And I coached many team members to feel the same; or at least to appear as if they did.  I’ve been doing presentations and demonstrations, and coaching others to do them, for a lot of years.  And I love doing both.

If you want to do consistently excellent presentations, I can help you:

√ Be Brave at the Front of the Room

√  Be Creative 

√ Prepare to be Great

√ Present or Demonstrate without Teaching

I have the extensive experience, deep expertise, training and practical skills necessary to help you be comfortable at the front of any room, enhance the effectiveness of your presentations,  and drive positive action through your presentations.


Specialized in Software Presales Leadership.  Presales Consultants have to do creative, compelling presentations while demonstrating software, answering questions, handling objections and establishing rapport.  Whew.  I coached many (including myself!) to do all that, be brave and have fun while doing it.

Highlights of my experience in Presales Leadership:


8 Years as Director of Sales Support, Canada


5 Years as National Presales Manager, Canada
Equine Assisted Learning workshops require me to learn about the group participating, including their goals, difficulties and strengths.  Then I have to facilitate activities to support those while managing horses and people!  Just like doing presales.  I’m presenting in an experiential mode throughout an EAL event.

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