for Aileen, the old adage is: "those who can DO - and those who can - and are outstanding - TEACH.


( Career Senior Presales Consultant | Former Direct Report )

Other Testimonials

Aileen has a wide and diverse experience in being the person to make a difference. Through her direct experiences as a sales executive she has honed her presentation skills to that of a true coach and trainer that helps others see the benefits in effective communications through presentation. She helps sales executives recognize and translate what their product can do for others, which creates an open discussion about the benefits of working together.


( 2019 Canadian Administrative Professional of the Year )

Not only does she have a broad and deep understanding of technologies but is an excellent business facilitator and seeks to understand purpose and objectives!


( Sales Master )

for Aileen, the old adage is: "those who can DO - and those who can - and are outstanding - TEACH.


( Career Presales Consultant, former direct report )

Aileen is an expert on planning for and delivering amazing presentations and demonstrations. She has an incredible grasp on how to present and what to say and how to say it. She has a background in delivering excellent presentations and demos herself. But she has also created and led teams to be the best in her respective companies. Delivering a great presentation and demo can make the difference between winning and losing a deal. Aileen knows how to prepare her teams to win more than their fair share.


( Financial Systems Expert | Chartered Accountant | Software Sales Executive )

Words can't describe how valuable Aileen is to up-and-coming Pre-Sales professionals. You know from the moment you speak with her or watch her posts on LinkedIn that she 'knows her stuff'. Along with opening up her time to help answer questions at the last minute prior to a trade show, her insight, expertise, and knowledge have helped me to understand thoroughly sales processes and more importantly how critical the contribution is of Pre-Sales Consultants. She has helped me demo with more confidence and greater ease. I highly recommend anyone looking to expand their Pre-Sales knowledge and increase their demo skills reach out to Aileen McNabb immediately.


( Senior Solutions Consultant )