About Us

I am a Business Coach and a Positive Organizational Coach who leverages Positive Psychology and Experiential Learning to enhance workplace engagement, creating more productive employees. I do this through in-house workshops, off-site workshops and individual coaching.

I have spent over twenty years in leadership roles in several industries, most notably with large software vendors. I have conducted Equine Assisted Learning Workshops with corporate teams and individuals.

My education includes an MBA from Dalhousie; and I’ve been privileged to study Positive Psychology with Tal Ben-Shahar, creator and facilitator of Harvard’s most popular course ever – Introduction to Positive Psychology.


Business Coach



Sometimes it’s important to think out of the box – and to literally GET out of the box.  I do that through the experiential learning modality of Equine Assisted Learning.

My EAL partner is Tough Rugged Rascal (Tuffy).  He and I, with assistance from other herd members, bring experiential learning to individual coaching and workshops.  EAL is a well-established form of experiential learning that brings the power, sensitivity and none-judgmental nature of horses to significantly enhance learning and growth opportunities.