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Leadership Development Workshops


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“An Organizations Ability to Learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.”

~ Jack Welch






In- House Workshops

Conducted at Your Site – Your Office or Location of Your ChoosingIn House Workshop

Topics are chosen in Consultation with You

Targeted at the Theme of your Meeting, or other Goals and Objectives

Public Workshops

Topics Include, but are not limited to:Workshop Public


Up, Down, and Across

Direct and Indirect

Verbal and non-Verbal

Across Generations and Cultures

Equine Assisted Workshops



Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) Workshops are held at various equestrian / meeting facilities.

In an EAL workshop, participants engage in activities with horses.  Participants are on the ground – no riding.

People related to horses in a unique and deep manner, often learning things about themselves or coworkers that were previously hidden.  Maybe it’s easier to show our true selves with impressive, powerful and non-judgemental horses.

EAL Workshops can be part of a hybrid workshop with traditional meeting-room sessions combined with time with the horses; or, we can plan our workshops with goals specific to your requirements; .

BUT: Be prepared, the horses may bring out what’s REALLY on everyone’s mind.