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The Importance Of Recognizing And Developing The Best Employees

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Great employees make great organizations. If your business has a knack for hiring talented employees then you also understand the importance of identifying and developing those employees to be even greater.

Any company that hires people has talent at its disposal. Understanding how to recognize and develop talent is of strategic value. Companies that know how to cultivate talent tend to be leaders in their industry. What follows are key traits of great employees:

  • Winning employees take initiative – they are doers: Great employees don’t need to be told over and over what to do or when and how to do it. They take initiative because it’s in their nature to be resourceful and active. Going hand-in-hand with initiative, the employees that will inevitably be strivers for the organization will also be those who take action and get things done in all other aspects of their lives. Being an achiever is in their nature.
  • They are natural leaders: The signs of a natural leader can be revealed in many ways. A natural leader might be outspoken but they will be respectful. Natural leaders know how to motivate others. They take responsibility. They are constructive. They initiate. They acknowledge others and give credit where credit is due. True natural born leaders motivate others without seeking praise. Always look for those who have the attributes of leader.
  • The best employees look for solutions: High achievers tend to seek solutions in an effort to make things better. They understand the importance of seeking assistance to attain goals. They might look for new ways of doing things. The sign of a great employee is one who looks for solutions and seeks ways to advance methods and procedures. Rather than just complaining about a problem, a winning employee will offer a solution to an existing problem!
  • They have positive natures: Perpetually negative people seldom make contributions of any merit; they’re too busy being adverse and destructive. Complainers are a red flag. But employees with positive natures help others and advance causes. It’s in their nature to do positive things – and that’s good for business!
  • Look for core values and ethics: Those who live by high principles and good conduct will be most likely to observe those core principles no matter what. Within the list of core values are honesty, integrity, courtesy and respect. Having a solid work ethic is also essential. People of high caliber are of value to any organization. Organizations that don’t have good ethics or values don’t generally retain people who do!

There are other key attributes that help identify employees with the most potential. They will be good communicators. They’ll be detail oriented, goal oriented, and organized. Any company that wants to excel needs human capital. Skill, talent, initiative, character, and positive personal attributes are key attributes of the best employees. After all, great employees are at the heart of every great organization!

Mustang Positive Professional Development can help your firm identify aspects of the best employees. Mustang PPD provides services that include team building and business coaching that’s specific to the requirements of your company. Mustang Positive Professional Development is located in the Greater Toronto Area and welcomes all inquiries.

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