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Equine Assisted Learning Business Workshops

Equine Assisted Workshops

Equine Assisted LearningEquine Assisted Learning (EAL) workshops are held at various equestrian / meeting facilities. The option exists for offsite EAL workshops at an Inn in the Collingwood area; so you can include EAL as part of a corporate offsite event.

In an EAL workshops, participants engage in activities with horses. Participants are on the ground – no riding.

People relate to horses in a unique and deep manner, often learning things about themselves or coworkers that were previously hidden. Maybe it’s easier to show our true selves with impressive, powerful and non-judgmental horses.

We will plan our workshops with goals specific to your requirements

BUT: Be prepared, the horses may bring out what’s REALLY on everyone’s mind.

EAL is especially well-suited to:

  • Leadership
  • Followership
  • Indirect and Direct Communication
  • Teambuilding