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Equine Assisted Learning Ontario


Equine Assisted Learning

Equine Assisted Learning is experiential learning at its best. It takes you or your employees out of the box, out of the office and out of a rut. In an EAL session, participants interact with horses in varied and creative experiential activities.

Are you looking for:

  • A unique method of Professional Development
  • Effective Team Building
  • Experiential Learning Activities that Produce Lasting Results

EAL gives you all of this and more.

Here are just a few examples of results I’ve seen from Equine Assisted experiential learning.

Influence at Work – Assume He’ll Go

CarEquine Assisted Learningnaby came to the EAL session terrified of horses. When I interviewed her 6 months after the session and asked what she got from EAL, this was her answer:

“I expect everyone there would think the biggest thing I got was overcoming fear. I thought that was why I went -so I’d be bolder. But what I really got the most out of was, “Assume he’ll go.”

During our session, Carnaby was given the task of leading Tuffy from one point to another. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? But he just wouldn’t go. He went for everyone else. So, the facilitator suggested, ‘You’ve learned ways to handle it if he doesn’t go but first assume he’ll go.’ And he did. Easily.

Carnaby said that helped her at work almost daily; and six months later it was still helping. In her role, Carnaby often had to get department managers to take on work they wouldn’t normally take on. So, she often got resistance, which was a very frustrating part of her job. After her EAL experience, Carnaby said:
“Now before I go to a meeting asking for something that normally would be resisted, I think Assume He’ll Go and I remember how that felt. Now I almost always get what I’m asking for!”
Experiential Learning that lasts and that has a direct, positive influence on your work life is a powerful tool in your professional development repertoire.


Here are just a few other examples you can learn more about in an initial consultation:

Career Advancement

Lynn seemed so confident. Turned out she’s intensely afraid. Of horses – not shocking. Of taking on a management role – quite shocking.
Learn how she took on a VP role just three weeks after an EAL coaching sessions.

Management Professional Development

Jennifer said, “After seeing when you helped and when you didn’t and how far everyone came in the round pen, I’m changing my management style.”
And she did.

Multi-Cultural Communication

A large manufacturing company booked an onsite EAL session using video as the equine interaction method. The reason they booked it was the event managers felt what they’d seen of EAL could help their multi-cultural team communicate better. The very first comment from the over 100 employees? “This helps us understand our different methods of communication. So, we understand each other better. It helps a lot.”

Why Horses?

Horses are prey animals. This means in order to stay alive they have to be extremely aware of potential predators. This heightened awareness makes them intensely sensitive to us, our behaviour, our tiniest expression of body language. Participants can’t hide from the horses, or from themselves.