The People in Presales Virtual Workshop

The People in Presales Virtual Workshop

Build an enjoyable presales job, a respected presales team, and a successful presales career through people skills. 
From Frustration to Fulfillment
by understanding yourself and others and acting on that understanding.

Getting unwanted direction? Offered feedback that isn’t really feedback, it’s how she would have done it. Or it’s an attack. Ever have a problem pulling the problem out of someone? You know there’s an objection but they just won’t say it?! Feeling frustrated by someone and losing focus or sleep over it?

Presales leaders, do you have a team member who’s a ‘problem child’? Maybe someone who’s great with the prospect, does great demos. But no one wants to work with him?

Presales relationships are critical to presales success. Rapport, trusted advisor status, partners with sales.

If those critical relationships are good, the team will sell more. People skills are what drive the ability to read the room, handle objections, build internal partnerships and bridges, be the go-to person for sales. Without those skills, the demo will be mediocre, the sales team will be dissatisfied, the prospect will buy from someone else.

If these are the things you want to experience in presales, you can hone your people skills.

Learn your own behaviour style, and the style of those you work with. Then learn to adapt. To handle stressful situations.

Build, maintain or fix those critical presales relationships. Be the presales person everyone wants to work with. Love your job. Build your career. Through people.

Course Format

Four 90-minute sessions over 2 days of live, virtual instruction

Breakout sessions for developing real-life understanding of concepts

Interaction through Zoom functionality (including polls, chat responses, annotations)

Robust participant kit to enhance your experience


  • Improve overall performance. Understanding ourselves and others is often the first step to focusing on the job at hand and doing it well.
  • No more problem children. We’ve all had those SEs on our teams who are great at demos. Have rapport with an audience. And sales doesn’t want to work with them!
  • Reduce work frustration
    Understand behaviour that drives you crazy. And know that you do things that drive others crazy. This understanding is the key to responding to situations rather than reacting.
  • Handle tough situations successfully, in a demo, in the office.


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