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Career Coach


Career Coaching helps you move forward in a very important part of your life – your career.  Whether you’re looking for employment, want to be more engaged and successful in your current role or you’re just ready for a change of role, at the same or a new company.

career coaching

Where can a career coach help?

Consider how well you can answer the following questions.  A career coach helps you answer these and others effectively, so that you have the career you want and you flourish in it.

Do you know your strengths? And how to use them effectively?

“One gets paid only for strengths; one does not get paid for weaknesses. The question, therefore, is first: What are our specific strengths? And then: Are they the right strengths? Are they the strengths that fit the opportunities of tomorrow, or are they the strengths that fitted those of yesterday? Are we deploying our strengths where the opportunities no longer are, or perhaps never were? And finally, what additional strengths do we have to acquire?” Peter Drucker


Job hunting and career advancement are challenging.  How resilient are you?  Can you keep going in the face of rejection and disappointment?

“By learning to become more resilient you can bring new power, direction and energy to your career. You can be more comfortable in an environment where nothing stays the same and the old ways may no longer work.    When you gain resilience, you can create a more successful career path, and at the same time find greater enjoyment in the rest of your life.”  Beverley Jones, Clearways Consulting

How are your communication skills?

Good communication is essential to managing and working in a productive and efficient workplace. An expert on business, the former dean of Harvard’s Business School, Robert Kent, stated that, “In business, communication is everything.” Since communication can be both verbal and written, focus on fine tuning all types for peak performance in your business.

Do you have an actual career plan?  A plan for your job hunt or a plan to advance your career?  With milestones and action steps?

“In a world where the average employee sends and receives 122 emails per day and attends an average of 62 meetings per month, your boss or HR leadership simply doesn’t have the time or bandwidth to properly think through how best to deploy your talents moving forward.” HBR

Imagine how much more applicable this is when you don’t even work for the company yet.  You need to PLAN.


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